Board of Directors

Lynn Shavinsky

In addition to serving MRWC both as a River-Lab Guide, Director, and Advisor and currently as MRWC Board President, she has used her professional experience as a trainer for a software company to help MRWC and the River-Lab Program utilize more current technology for training, outreach and communication. She, her husband John, and their boys have lived in Fairfield since 2000.

Megan Hogan

Though she only joined the organization in 2013, Megan has enthusiastically served as a Guide, a Lab Leader, a grade level Captain and currently as MRWC’s Treasurer. Megan works both as a freelance contract paralegal and as clerical support at the office of Fairfield’s Dwight Elementary School. She lives in Fairfield with her husband, Phil, and their three sons.

Deborah Garskof

Deborah has led the MRWC Membership Committee, captained every River-Lab grade level and has been serving as Secretary of MRWC Board of Director’s for the past several years. She’s also served on the Tomlinson Middle School PTA executive board and is an elected committee member at the Unitarian Church in Westport; she is a partner at the Fairfield law firm of Ury & Moskow, LLC. Deborah and her husband Josh live in Fairfield with their two sons.

Carrie Rullo

Carrie began guiding in 2010 at Osborn Hill Elementary. She immediately became immersed in the program and shortly became the 5th Grade Co-Director and Scheduler. She and her family are back in Fairfield after living in Hungary for a few years. On her return, Carrie became involved with River-Lab again and was elected to the Board in March of 2017.

Charlene Brauns-Schindler

Charlene is a Mill River Wetland Committee superstar. Not only has she been an active part of the Fairfield community since 1989 – participating in and leading church, school, and business groups – but also she has served the Mill River Wetland Committee in every capacity. She has performed every job within the organization including: a Guide for over 25 years for the River-Lab Program, Scheduler, Captain, multiple terms as River-Lab Director, and multiple terms as MRWC Board President. She is cheered on by her husband Edmund, their five sons, and her two grandchildren.

Christina Rescsanski

Christina is the new River-Lab Advisor, after having served for several years as a Model Leader and Guide for River-Lab. She was born in the distant Isar watershed of Munich, Germany but now she’s adopted Fairfield’s Mill River watershed as her own. Christina works as a physical therapist, massage therapist, and personal trainer, and lives in Fairfield with her husband Peter and their two daughters, Jessica and Sarah.

Joy Shaw

As the founder of the Mill River Wetland Committee and author, leader, and illustrator of the River-Lab Program, Joy has been the mainstay of this organization for many years. She continues to share her Perry’s Mill home on the Mill River with MRWC for its main office and various functions. She offers her help as needed, with editing, advising on trail learning activities, and especially regarding issues related to the health and/or protection of the river.

Kate O’Mahony

Kate has been deeply committed to River-Lab for nine years having guided students and adults for over 50 study-trips as Guide, Model Leader, Captain and Trainer at every grade level. She also served on the board of her children's grade school as well as on various committees. Her love of being outside whenever possible makes Kate an enthusiastic gardener as well as River-Lab volunteer. A native Fairfielder, she and her husband, Steve love raising their four children in Fairfield. Kate was elected to the Board in March of 2017.

Mary Hogue

Mary is a dedicated environmentalist who has qualified as a Master Gardener, Master Naturalist, and Master Composter. This explains, no doubt, her masterful effort for many years working on MRWC’s former fundraising event, Garden Expo.  She serves on the boards of the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters and Fairfielders Protecting Land and Neighborhoods (FairPLAN), and is the chair of the Fairfield Earth Day Celebration and Forestry committees.

Reini Knorr

Reini assists international and domestic transferees relocating to Fairfield County, having herself relocated from Siegen, Germany by way of Chicago and London. Reini has served as a Guide, Model Leader, School Captain, Curriculum team Member, and general hand-on-deck. In addition to her involvement in the Fairfield Schools PTAs, a local swim team, and her local parish, Reini and her husband Michael keep busy raising their four children and providing a loving home for their numerous pets.