Earth Day Activities

In honor of Earth Day, we are sharing one of our River-Lab units that has been taught to our Grade 5 students.  In here, we have modified it for a more community focus.

Commit to doing your part to help the Earth.  Order a Personal Conservation Kit from MRWC or take the Wyland Water Conservation Water Footprint quiz to see how much water you can save.

A Virtual Lesson on Ecosystems

My Conservation Kit


Contact MRWC to purchase your personal conservation kit which contains a reusable bag, reusable straw and cleaner.  A free shower timer is also included.  Each kit is $3 or 2 for $5.  Contact to purchase.

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Water Footprint

What is your water footprint?  How much water are you really using in daily activities, not just from your tap but the water that is required for the things you use, eat and do.  Look here for more infomation.

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