Over 50 years ago, Joy Shaw faced down a bulldozer sent to destroy the Mill River wetlands. Her act of protest worked, and the wetlands were saved, but Joy didn’t want to stand in front of bulldozers forever. Instead, she founded the Mill River Wetland Committee.

The Mill River Wetland Committee has a simple mission: to educate the community about the value of wetlands, to advocate for their continued protection, and to engage all people in the fight to protect our environment. The MRWC believes that people protect the things they love, and love the things they have learned to understand. With the River-Lab program, now beginning its 50th year in Fairfield schools, the MRWC has taught generations of students and parents to value the watersheds that support our lives.

And while the Mill River Wetland Committee is dedicated to the protection of Fairfield’s watershed, the lessons it teaches are applicable anywhere. Children who receive environmental science education in their youth grow up to become responsible stewards of all watersheds, which encompass all life on Earth.

But all this work begins with you. To help us continue our mission to educate the community, to advocate for watershed conservation, and to engage with the challenges facing our environment, we ask that you join the Mill River Wetland Committee today, as a member, a leader, a guide, or a friend. Visit the “Get Involved” page to see how you can help.