Personal Water Conservation Pledge

Join together with all Fairfield citizens to take the Wyland Water Pledge during the month of April!

This national contest is a friendly competition between cities across the country to see who can be the most "water-wise."   Mayors challenge their residents to conserve water, energy and other natural resources on behalf of their city through a series of informative, easy to use pledges at

Water Pledge


Learn about being water wise throughout the month of April.  Using Water Wisely, a personal presentation will be presented on April 8 at 7:00 at the Fairfield Museum and History Center.


Be A Winner

Winners Everywhere!

Just by taking the pledge, you are entered to win prizes from the Wyland Foundation.  Encourage everyone to take the pledge and increase your chances to win

Pledge to Win

Water Footprint

What is your water footprint?  How much water are you really using in daily activities, not just from your tap but the water that is required for the things you use, eat and do.  Look here for more infomation.

Calculate yours

Visit our Partner - Aquarion Water Company

Check out the great local resources on water conservation on their website.

Don’t miss the presentation Using Water Wisely on April 8 at 7:00 PM at the Fairfield Museum and History Center.


Visit Aquarion

Students Too

Click through to get full lesson plans on a variety of conservation topics.  Sample lesson plans below.

WhereDoesWaterComeFrom Waterway-Report-Card MC_Lesson-Plan_2_Sponge-City


Student Pledge